Window Washing

Homeowners, offices and other businesses all can reap the rewards of having clean windows. Clean windows create a positive first impression while subtly improving people’s moods.

Window cleaning can be a budget startup business and can scale based on your interest, desires and work ethic.

Clean Window Benefits

Clean windows can dramatically enhance a room’s aesthetics and give the illusion of more space. While many don’t think of cleaning windows as part of their regular home maintenance duties, it is actually one which should not be neglected.  Dirty windows attract wasps and other stinging insects, creating an unsafe situation for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Regular window washing can prevent insects from nesting in your home and reduce dust build-up on surfaces, as well as help eliminate spider webs that build in corners. While it may be challenging to safely remove these spiders yourself, professional cleaners have experience safely disposing of them for you.

Professional window cleaners can also identify other issues with your windows, such as broken glass or poorly fitting window screens, and address them before they become serious, saving both money and keeping the appearance of your windows more appealing for longer.

Window washing requires various cleaning materials and techniques.  However, some tinted and treated panes must be handled with extra caution as using incorrect chemicals may damage them, leaving them dull and discolored. A professional window cleaner will use appropriate products and methods to make sure that your windows look great while lasting as long as possible.. 

Clean windows can enhance the aesthetics and value of your home, as well as prevent stains, dirt, and mold from building up on their surfaces. In addition, professional window cleaning can prevent air leakage/drafts, making your home more energy efficient.

Offices and commercial establishments need clean windows as part of the building’s regular maintenance. This can be for the overall perception of the business, to a clear viewing of displayed merchandise.


Maintaining clean windows helps make your home energy-efficient while protecting it from dirt etching into glass surfaces, mold growth and bird droppings from your window sills and eliminating mold growth and bird droppings on them. Window washing services use advanced solutions that leave windows streak-free after being professionally washed.

To avoid streaking, make sure your squeegee is equipped with a fresh rubber blade. A dull blade may compromise your results and lead to unsightly marks if used over an extended period of time.  It is recommended that replacement be performed at regular intervals of use, or sooner if excessive streaking occurs.

You will require the appropriate cleaning solution and microfiber cloths for effective window washing. A microfiber cloth absorbs six times its own weight in water quickly and easily to quickly dry window frames and sills quickly and effortlessly. For optimal results, wipe your windows top to bottom in one continuous movement to achieve streak-free windows.  Revisit areas with stubborn residue such as soap scum or hard water spots as necessary until there are no remaining spots or spots visible on them.

If you need to clean windows in an extremely tall building, it is wise to hire a window washing company with experience using safety systems. A davit system is one such safety measure which attaches itself at predetermined points on a building structure before connecting safety lines directly to permanent anchors on its roof and passing over a parapet wall to window washers below.

Legal Considerations

This website cannot give legal advice. However, you can start by viewing videos online from attorneys that can help you determine which business entity you need to establish.

After determining your legal entity, you need to start the process of obtaining the proper licenses for your jurisdiction.

Your next step should be registering and securing a tax ID number for your business, in order to separate your personal and business lives. In addition, opening a dedicated business bank account and credit card may make managing finances simpler for you.

Employing appropriate insurance for your window cleaning business is essential to safeguarding its assets and employees. There are various policies available, such as commercial general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, property, disability and employee health plans.  

Accidents happen on the job, even for window washers working high up on ladders. A worker could drop an implement that strikes someone below, leading to serious injury.

Consider getting commercial auto insurance for all business vehicles, particularly if your employees drive them. Injuries that occur while operating a company vehicle will not be covered by personal policies. Disability coverage should also be an essential element of any small business.  It covers income losses in case an employee becomes disabled from working due to injury or illness and covers income loss as a result of missed time from work.

Running a window cleaning business can be lucrative, yet also comes with inherent risks. By understanding the legal and insurance requirements your business requires to thrive, you can ensure it has adequate protections in place to be successful.


There are several options for training.  The simplest way is to learn from another person in the business, especially in a section of town where you will not be in competition with your trainer.

Some window washers have taken their experience and transformed it into online courses.  These courses can vary in scope of training, as well as price.  Watch some training videos from these course creators.  If you like their videos and understand their concepts, you should enjoy the course they have produced.

Another opportunity is to buy a franchise.  Obviously this is the most expensive option.  However, they will have a thorough training program, source for supplies, and an established customer base in some areas.

Once you complete your initial training period, the next step should be securing customers. Now is the time to find those first clients!

Offering professional appearance and meeting appointments reliably can build trust with customers, while communicating clearly about estimates, invoices and scheduling can contribute to creating a solid brand name for yourself.

Finding Clients

As the owner of a window washing service, referrals from family and friends as well as local service businesses (like landscapers or remodelers) should be your main source of new clients.

Some window cleaners reach out to local contractors and offer two-way referral programs, making word of your business easier and more cost-effective for you when people refer you to their neighbors, friends or service providers they trust.

Your marketing activities may center around digital media, but you shouldn’t discount the potential of offline channels such as local community groups and door hangers for reaching out to communities. Doing this will complement digital activities and help create a balanced client growth strategy.

Local advertising is an effective way to gain your first clients when operating a window washing service. This form of promotion works to increase brand recognition in an area of sales, and can take various forms.

Small businesses benefit greatly from employing local marketing strategies as it allows them to connect with their communities and establish customer loyalty, as well as being an inexpensive means of expanding a brand.

Examples may be sponsoring little league teams, working with the chamber of commerce, or placing an ad in local shopper or town newspapers.

As soon as you start operating a window washing service, traditional advertising should be a key strategy to building clientele. This includes social media and local online groups for promotion, as well as creating a website where clients can book service.

Your company can produce inexpensive flyers to drop into people’s letterboxes as a great way to promote itself locally. In addition, business cards, vehicle signs and door hangers may all help spread word of your company.

Consider working for free.  You could contact a local business, or get a referral, to provide some initial free services.  Be honest with the owner and let him/her know you need some experience, and would love to have some feedback after you complete the service.

Ask to take pictures for you portfolio.  Your sharp and crisp photos, showing the logo of the business windows you cleaned, could provide your ‘client’ with some additional exposure in your local community.


Compared to many other businesses, starting a window washing service requires minimal initial investment. The equipment needed, such as ladders, squeegees, cleaning solutions, and safety gear, are relatively affordable and easily accessible. This makes it an attractive option for individuals looking to start a business with limited funds. 

One of the significant advantages of starting a window washing service is the high demand for this type of service. Windows need regular cleaning to maintain their clarity and appearance, making it a recurring need for both residential and commercial properties. This consistent demand ensures a steady flow of potential customers, providing you with a stable customer base. 

Running a window washing service allows you to enjoy the benefits of being your own boss. You can set your own working hours, choose the clients you want to serve, and have the freedom to operate the business according to your preferences. This level of flexibility and independence can be appealing for individuals seeking a lifestyle with greater work-life balance.  With only a few clients, you could do this as a side hustle, while maintaining your full time job with health insurance and retirement benefits.


Window washing can be physically demanding, especially when handling large commercial properties or high-rise buildings. Climbing ladders or using specialized equipment may pose safety risks if not executed properly. It is essential to invest in appropriate safety training and equipment to ensure the well-being of yourself and your employees. Ask yourself if you are willing to spend time in various outdoor climates.

Another disadvantage of a window washing service is its seasonal nature. In certain regions, demand for window cleaning services tends to fluctuate with the seasons. During the colder months or rainy seasons, customers may not require window cleaning as frequently, leading to a decrease in business. It is crucial to plan and allocate resources wisely to sustain your business during slower periods.

Starting a window washing service can be a rewarding business opportunity, but it is essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before taking the plunge. The high demand, low startup costs, and flexibility make it an attractive option, while the seasonal nature, physical demands, safety risks, and competition pose challenges. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and set yourself up for success in the window washing industry.

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