Solo Female Travel

Traveling alone as a woman can be both frightening and exhilarating, you get the opportunity to challenge yourself, take risks and expand your comfort zone while learning more about yourself in the process.

Women may feel reluctant to travel solo out of safety concerns.  However, traveling alone is just as important as other life experiences.

Why Travel Solo

Our society is seeing an increase with people marrying later in life.  At the same time, the divorce rate remains high and will continue this trend in the future.

After decades spent caring for others through work, raising children, or taking care of aging parents, it can become necessary to find time just for yourself. Traveling alone provides an ideal way of rediscovering personal interests and passions as well as meeting like-minded people.

Women  have more freedom and autonomy when traveling solo, enabling them to access experiences and sights that would otherwise be less accessible if traveling with others. Exploring new places alone is also a great confidence-builder and helps foster self-love.

An unforgettable solo journey can be liberating, but it’s essential to know your limits. To start out on the right foot, start in a safe place (by checking multiple sources) where there are affordable hostels, hotels, and tours available.  Additionally, book an airport pickup so that there’s no risk of getting lost in undesirable areas.

As soon as you feel more at ease with traveling, expand and discover more. Just make sure that you always remain alert and follow all safety protocols for each destination.  This will give you confidence in making decisions and lead to an amazing travel experience!

Before your journey begins, it is also a wise idea to set up an emergency contact on your phone such as a parent or friend.  This way they will have access to your medical history without knowing your passcode, which could prove invaluable if an accident or assault should arise.

Be Prepared

Women travelling solo often express concern for their safety when doing so for the first time, particularly if this experience will be their first travel solo experience. While this is certainly understandable, traveling solo can present unique risks.  Traveling solo can often feel intimidating or overwhelming for many women who are unfamiliar with traveling without accompaniment. This fear should not be disregarded, safety must always come first when travelling solo!

One way to remain safe when travelling is ensuring you bring all of your important documents with you, and copy or email them so if anything should happen you have copies for yourself. Furthermore, it would be prudent to bring along a power bank so you can keep your phone charged up at all times.

Overall, don’t be discouraged from experiencing the thrill of solo female travel! It can be one of the most empowering and enriching experiences you will have.  Embrace your independence while exploring a world you would not experience with a companion.

Take it Easy

No matter what people around you tell you, or your own inner voice tells you, it is essential that you push aside fears associated with traveling solo and just go. Otherwise you will miss the chance to rediscover what makes you happy and who you truly are, without pressures of pleasing other people or feeling pressured into pleasing someone else.

One way to overcome travel anxiety is to join an online group like Girls Love Travel or Digital Nomad Girl Community on Facebook, where women share their experiences traveling solo and can talk about the places they’ve visited or are planning to travel in the near future. You might even meet your travel partner here. Many members in these groups already travel frequently or are looking to do so themselves!

Consider duplication.  For your first trip, consider the destination recommended by your favorite travel vlogger.  Using their advice, you can plan for accomodations, transportation, and tours that have been vetted by someone with your similar concerns.

Experienced travelers suggest using ride-sharing apps when out and about, which can be safer than hailing taxis off the street in foreign countries. In case of an accident, set your phone to “ICE (In Case of Emergency) mode so someone can view your contact info without unlocking your phone, another excellent piece of advice provided by these experienced travelers.

As another way of building up your confidence, another great way is to share some of your journey online, either through blogging or vlogging, Instagram posts, or tweets. Show people back home that you aren’t scared to travel alone, perhaps their experience might inspire them too!


Many people, particularly women, fear solo travel as an intimidating experience. Their fears range from it not being safe or being targeted to more specific concerns like being flexible and prepared. There are ways around these fears that will help make your travels safer.

New female travelers often feel intimidated by hostels. Many perceive them to be seedy places where strangers sleep in bunks without privacy (while this may sometimes be true, there are now many hostels offering private rooms).  However, if you do your research, there are numerous safe, comfortable, and affordable hostels that will serve as great bases for their trip.

If you decide to stay at a hostel, choose one with safety at its core: Keycard access, lockers and a 24-hour staff presence are features you should look out for when searching. Also make sure that before booking you thoroughly research the neighborhood.  Look at reviews or ask the staff which areas are safer than others for women to avoid.

Solo female travelers looking for accommodation options should also consider renting through Airbnb or another platform such as Roomer. Renting can often be more affordable than hotels and can even offer more spacious options than hotel stays. When searching for lodgings, seek places with great reviews from past guests.

HostelWorld and CouchSurfing make it easy to meet fellow solo travelers. Both allow you to connect with locals who offer up their spare rooms as cultural exchange spaces; making this a fantastic way to find budget accommodation, while potentially making lifelong friendships along the way!

Make Friends

Make the most out of your travel experience and beat any anxiety caused by travelling solo by inviting some new friends along. Join a cooking class, go hiking, or rent a bicycle.  They provide opportunities for people with similar interests to get acquainted while still offering you plenty of individual time!

Hostels can also be an excellent way to meet other travelers and form friendships.  They tend to attract an eclectic mix of travelers that makes connecting easier. Plus, if you need help planning out your travel itinerary, hostels provide great opportunities to find tour guides who will show you around!

If you’re nervous about traveling alone, joining one of the numerous Facebook groups designed for female solo travelers could help ease any loneliness on your trip. Many groups boast thousands of members so there’s bound to be someone out there looking for similar destinations as well!

If you want to experience the nightlife at your destination but are traveling alone, joining a pub crawl might be the way to do it! These tours are led by locals and typically include drinks at three or four bars before moving onto clubs.  Do not ‘let your guard down’ with the consumption of alcohol.

Solo Female Traveler Network

Amanda Black created The Solo Female Traveler Network as a global network for female travelers who prefer travelling alone. Offering everything from small group tours and travel advice, to creating an inclusive community for women looking to explore their curiosity, without anyone by their side.  This platform serves as a home away from home for solo female travellers worldwide.

This group is extremely diverse, encompassing individuals of varying experiences and perspectives. Some members have been travelling alone for some time, while others may just be starting their journey and in search of resources and guidance to aid their journey. There’s also a subgroup specifically catering to women interested in becoming digital nomads.

In addition to an online forum, The Solo Female Traveler Network also offers courses, workshops, and events where female travellers can gather to gain from more experienced travellers in the field while sharing experiences in a safe space. In particular, The Network places great emphasis on safety issues due to specific risks affecting women travelers when visiting certain destinations or countries.

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