Rent Goats

Goats are great at clearing away invasive vegetation and controlling brush. They have become increasingly popular landscaping workers.

When it comes to maintaining a clean and well-maintained landscape, weed control can often be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, have you ever considered renting goats as a natural and efficient solution? That’s right, goats! These adorable creatures not only make great companions but can also play a significant role in keeping your property weed-free. In this article, we will explore the advantages of renting goats for weed control and why this eco-friendly method is gaining popularity among homeowners and businesses alike.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the key advantages of renting goats for weed control is that it is an environmentally friendly option. Unlike chemical herbicides or mechanical equipment, goats provide a natural and sustainable way to manage weed growth. By grazing on unwanted vegetation, goats help to reduce the need for harmful chemicals that can harm the environment and contaminate water sources. This eco-friendly approach ensures that your weed control efforts are aligned with the principles of sustainability.

Goats can also help restore natural areas that have been altered by overgrowth and the proliferation of noxious plants, including trees. Goats can eat invasive vines like English ivy or grapevines that choke out native vegetation, while leaving behind their roots, so they will eventually die off and create a healthier, more sustainable habitat for wildlife.

Natural Fertilizer

In addition to weed control, renting goats offers an added advantage of natural fertilization. As goats graze on weeds and other vegetation, they leave behind nutrient-rich droppings that act as natural fertilizers. These droppings enrich the soil, promoting healthier plant growth and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. The symbiotic relationship between goats and the landscape not only helps control weeds but also enhances the overall health and vitality of your property.


Another advantage of renting goats for weed control is their versatility and accessibility. Goats can navigate through various terrains, including steep slopes, rocky areas, and uneven landscapes, which may be challenging for machinery or human labor. This adaptability makes goats an excellent choice for weed management in hard-to-reach places, such as hillsides, embankments, or areas with limited access. Furthermore, goats are natural climbers and can effectively clear vegetation from areas that may be difficult to reach by conventional means.


Apart from their practical benefits, renting goats for weed control can also add a touch of entertainment and aesthetic appeal to your property. These playful and curious animals can bring joy and excitement to both children and adults. Their presence can create a unique and memorable experience for visitors, making your property stand out from the rest. Additionally, the sight of goats grazing peacefully can lend a pastoral charm to your landscape, enhancing its overall beauty.

Rental Process

Goat rental companies provide an effective, humane alternative to gas-powered equipment like chainsaws and weed whacker. A representative will visit a property to assess how many goats are needed, plan fencing accordingly, assess whether any desirable plants such as roses may be at risk from being eaten, as well as provide a cost estimate. Goats tend to come together in groups so it’s important to remember they will likely occupy quite a bit of space when arriving on your property.  The herdsman will keep them fenced-in while checking them frequently to make sure they only ingest vegetation rather than waste from elsewhere on your property.

An established goat grazing service will supply all necessary supplies, such as a trailer to transport the animals and an animal hut, feed, supplements and water, which they may require access to in your backyard. They may incorporate the use of electronic fencing or herding dogs in their operations.

Start A Goat Rental Business

If you are considering starting a goat rental business, be sure to do your research first. Review online listings of goat rental services available in your area and assess what services can be provided. Plan to invest in proper shelter, fencing and feed for your goats as well as extra security to safeguard them against wild predators or risks that come with allowing them out into public places.

As part of assessing the potential of starting a goat rental business, it is necessary to research and analyze existing competition. This may include sustainable landscaping companies as well as traditional landscapers that provide similar services. When conducting your analysis of each competitor’s pricing strategies, service offerings, and marketing tactics to identify opportunities for differentiation; also take into account costs such as feed, veterinary costs and handler wages when setting prices.

Hiring skilled handlers to care for goats is essential to providing them with quality care, and in turn ensure client satisfaction. Furthermore, companies must comply with state and federal regulations regarding livestock handling and transportation.

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