Luxury bag shopping can be challenging. Amid horror stories about fake bags, customers want to ensure they’re dealing with a trustworthy seller.

Rebag is an online second-hand bag retailer aimed at simplifying reselling by providing consumers with one transaction where they can both buy and sell items simultaneously.


Rebag, a term derived from “rebagging,” refers to the act of reselling luxury designer handbags. It has become a popular trend among fashion enthusiasts and savvy shoppers who want to upgrade their handbag collection without breaking the bank.

With the rising popularity of luxury handbags, many individuals find themselves wanting to own the latest designer pieces. However, these high-end bags often come with a hefty price tag, making it difficult for everyone to afford them. This is where Rebag comes into play. 

Rebag is one of the premier online sites for purchasing and selling luxury bags, offering rigorous vetting processes and return policies that guarantee only authentic products are listed for sale on its platform. Rebag also offers multiple payment methods and secure shipping services.

Rebag’s website boasts a user-friendly, straightforward design with efficient shopping tools that enable fast and effortless transactions. Consumers can search by style, brand, color or price range to quickly locate their perfect handbag, before adding to their shopping cart or saving for later reference.  All listings will provide condition details of the product.

Once customers find their perfect bag, Rebag provides a safe, secure payment method and fast shipping. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods, and offer free returns within the USA. International orders may be subject to different terms and policies.

Why Rebag?

Rebag was established as an electronic commerce platform in 2014 and features its proprietary Clair technology for instantaneously evaluating  the resale value of luxury items like handbags, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. 

Rebag’s platform allows users to regularly update their handbag collection without experiencing buyer’s regret after spending too much on designer bags. Furthermore, Rebag offers its resale program as an additional benefit that gives customers access to high-end luxury bags on a budget.

Rebag offers users savings between 30-70% when making purchases using its pricing algorithm. Savings depend on the individual bag and its condition, as Rebag only accepts high-quality bags that have been thoroughly vetted to ensure authenticity.  Their dedicated team reviews each item before offering it for sale.

Rebag’s stringent vetting process stands out among online secondhand luxury marketplaces such as The RealReal, Poshmark or eBay where fake or overpriced items may appear for sale. Rebag goes a step further by hiring expert bag appraisers who examine every piece, before providing its owner a fair market value price for their merchandise.

Sell On Rebag

Rebag was developed as an alternative to marketplaces, peer-to-peer or consignment platforms with seller in mind. Rebag not only offers fair market prices, but it provides transparency from the outset of its process, by giving sellers a clear understanding of the bag’s worth prior to sending it in, and providing an upfront quote of what the company will pay them.

Rebag’s team of experts with over 100 years combined experience ensures each bag passes a multi-touch evaluation process to verify if it satisfies Rebag’s stringent standards and authenticity before being listed for sale. If it passes this testing procedure successfully, it can then be sold through their system.

Rebag has prioritized convenience for sellers by making it simple for them to bring their items directly into any Rebag store for assessment and quotation, or online via the Rebag app.

Rebag now offers an exclusive, innovative selling method called Consign that allows sellers to pre-approve their payout range with confidence that it won’t sell for less than their lowest end payout range.  This offers complete transparency from start to finish and eliminates ambiguous payout amounts, fluctuating commission rates, or lengthy payment processes that commonly arise with consignment sales.

Rebag’s innovative Clair technology serves as the backbone for its selling and trading program. Employing machine learning and computer vision techniques to accurately assess designer products’ resale values, Clair allows sellers to receive instant payments, an industry first.

Rebag has quickly become the go-to authority on trading and buying luxury accessories, revolutionizing how consumers shop for fashion. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing retailers in the US, their smart Trade program is popular with savvy customers looking to maximize their designer handbag investment.

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