How does the ‘Downline Builder’ work?

If you have joined any or all of the programs listed, when one of your referrals to %sitename% also goes to that page, and decides to join a program that you are also in, they join under your referral link for that site.


I paid for an upgraded membership why does it still say I am a free member?

Just contact us with proof (paypal confirmation of payment sent) you will be upgraded as soon as we verify this is a valid claim.
Please allow up to 24-48 hours, after submitting your proof of payment.

Can I open more than one account?

No, only one account per member. Duplicate accounts and cheaters will be deleted.


Where is my affiliate link?

It is found in the Affiliates section with banners to use, email copy, etc.

How/when do I get paid?

Payments will be paid out from one of your referrals according to the commission schedule at %sitename%.
You must have a payment processor account registered with us to receive commissions.

* Credits CANNOT be traded for cash.


Where do I find out how many referrals I have?

Click on the My Referral Stats section to see how your referral details.

How do I earn commissions?

Send new members to %sitename% using your affiliate link.
You could earn commissions if someone you have referred purchases an Upgrade or Advertising.
If %sitename% is allowing Instant Commissions, then commissions will come directly from a referral according to the following schedule.

Instant Commission Structure:

Free Members: 25% commissions = You get every 4th FULL PAYMENT from your referrals who upgrade
Gold Members: 40% commissions = You get every 4th FULL PAYMENT from your referrals who upgrade
Platinum Members: 50% commissions = You get the FULL PAYMENT from EVERY OTHER purchase
Elite Members: 60% commissions = You get the 3 FULL PAYMENTS out of every 5 referral purchases
JV Partners: 75% commissions = You get 3 FULL PAYMENTS out of every 4 referral purchases 
VIP Founder Members: 80% commissions = You get 4 FULL PAYMENTS out of every 5 referral purchases 

If Instant Commissions are not set for this site, then payments will be manually paid out by the admin based on your account level commission rate.



Only for sites if advertising functions are active to members.

Where do I setup ads?

To set up your ads, goto the Ad Type section on the left side menu under ADVERTISING.
You should only post banners for other sites you wish to promote, NOT %sitename% banners
NOTE: Banners must be 468×60 or they will be returned unapproved.
You can use credits to trade for banner ads & text links.

“Pay using your credits” will appear if you have enough credits to trade.

How do the banner/text ads work?

Banners and text ads are rotated throughout our site.
Members are given an incentive of extra credits for viewing them.
Go to the View Ads or Surf Sites page to earn credits, or click on any of the banner or text links that show at the top of our pages.

My credits are not being added when I click on ads?

The credits are being added, you cannot see the change until you refresh the page or navigate to a new page.
Or, it may be that you have already clicked that very same banner once before, and won’t receive credits for the click.

What can I do with all my credits?

You can use credits to trade for Banners, Text Links or other advertising.

To set up your ads, goto the Ad Type section on the left side menu under ADVERTISING.
If you have enough credits, there will be a hyperlink visible that says ‘pay using your credits’

How do I redeem a promo code?

Go to the Redeem Promo Code section and enter your code.

If it is a valid code, your advertising will be added immediately upon redemption.

Where do I get promo codes?

You can you the promo code: welcome
To get free ads just for signing up to this site.
Several other sites also offer exclusive promo codes for %sitename% as bonuses to their members.
If you have a code for %sitename%, just type it in the box and click the ‘redeem promo code’ button.

Why does the Promo Code doesn’t work?

If the code is invalid, then check to be sure you have entered the code correctly.
If you are sure this is a promo code to be used at %sitename% and it says it is invalid, contact support for help.
* Keep in mind, some codes expire after a certain amount of redemptions or you might be too late on the offer!