Welcome to the training center

This page will cover the following:

The site is owned by an online marketer that likes to establish goodwill by providing a lot of free resources online. The site allows anyone to build downlines in 5 different categories. The custom spash page will let you promote you face and your programs using any traffic source.

You can get referrals by simply letting others know they can build downlines in multiple programs and use a free tool to promote themselves.

The site was designed to have paid options. However, it has been modified to free only. You may see some references to upgrades or paid options, but those options have been disabled.

You have several links options. Look for AFFILIATE TOOLS/STATS in your back office.

Remember to click SAVE LINKS after making any changes to EDIT MY PROFILE LINKS

About My Promo Page

This page can be used in a variety of traffic programs. You can show your picture, 3 standard banners (468 X 60), 2 square banners (125 X 125), and several text links. When your page displays, a fourth banner will pull from another member in the program. The fourth bullet point for the standard banners is a clickable link to the target URL, so make this a call to action instead of a feature or benefit of the program. The RESET button will reset your promo page stats to zero.

Complete all fields, even if you must duplicate a program.

Click in a field you want to edit, then use backspace to erase and edit to your preference.

Click UPDATE YOUR MY PROMO PAGE after any editing.