With more people realizing that their closets contain treasures destined for thrift shop shelves, reselling apps have become more and more popular as people realize how easy and profitable it can be to monetize old clothing items in their closet. 

Poshmark makes it possible for anyone to sell items from their closet and make extra money, making this an excellent side hustle or extra source of income.

What Is Poshmark?

Poshmark is an online social marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade new and secondhand fashion for women, kids, men, and even pets. Poshmark provides several ways to make buying and selling easier and convenient.  One such way is their Offers feature which enables buyers to send an offer price they would be willing to pay for an item they find in a seller’s closet; then either accept, decline, or counter this offer without needing direct messaging exchanges to negotiate directly between parties involved. This saves both parties time and effort as direct messaging between parties can become unnecessary!

Poshmark offers bundles as an added feature that allows buyers to purchase multiple items from one seller and receive a discounted shipping cost. This can benefit both parties as it saves the buyer money on shipping, while simultaneously helping sellers clear out more items in their closet. Furthermore, Poshmark has a search algorithm designed to increase visibility of listings.  This can be accomplished through sharing them via other social media platforms or creative methods.

Poshmark ensures its customers enjoy a secure shopping experience by employing a third-party verification system to validate sellers as legitimate, and buyers are receiving what they have purchased. Furthermore, Poshmark has in place a policy where buyers may file a dispute if their item fails to arrive as expected or they were unsatisfied with their purchase.

Posh Protect is an initiative launched by Poshmark to ensure every transaction on their platform is legal, providing users with peace of mind when buying from a new seller or exploring a different style of clothing. Under Posh Protect, buyers are fully reimbursed if an item doesn’t match its listing description or has been significantly damaged during shipping.  Additionally, they may submit supporting documentation or photos as evidence to Poshmark in order to reach a resolution regarding disputes on Poshmark.

How To Sell On Poshmark

Poshmark offers shoppers looking for deals on new and gently used clothing and accessories an opportunity to repurpose items rather than throw them out.  Furthermore, many millennials and Gen Z buyers prioritize sustainability over disposing of unwanted goods.

To start selling on Poshmark, download and follow the prompts for creating a profile. After creating your account, click “Sell” to begin listing items for sale. Drag photos directly from your phone or computer into the dotted box on-screen to upload them before selecting your category and entering details about your item. This should include pricing information and a possible shipping charge (many sellers offer bundles that help buyers save on fees!). Afterward, decide how you’d like your item(s) priced and add any applicable shipping charges as soon as necessary before clicking “Sell.”

Successful Poshmark sellers target specific niches when it comes to inventory sourcing. For instance, those selling high-end clothing should search thrift stores for luxury brands rather than listing no name department store or fast fashion items. It is also essential that accurate color photos be uploaded since many buyers open cases against sellers over color discrepancies.

One way to increase your odds of making a sale is by sharing listings daily on Poshmark app. When you share them, Poshmark automatically sorts them so they appear more prominently when buyers scroll through their feeds.  This can be an effective and cost-free alternative to ads!

Posh Parties

Posh parties are timed virtual events on the Poshmark app where sellers share listings around specific themes. Buyers can then browse listings in an area known as the showroom, which features items relevant to that party theme.

For participation, locate and select an item you would like to share, tap “Share,” select the theme-related party name, and only listings which fit with that theme and meet Poshmark’s general guidelines will be added to the showroom.

Becoming one of the host picks at a Poshmark party increases exposure for your closet and may result in sales. To be selected as one, ensure your listings are fresh with engaging cover photos, well-stocked, and have the potential for sales. It is also essential that your Poshmark Closet remain in good standing by maintaining an unblemished history and few offline transactions.

Poshmark evaluates applications, closets and activities to select its preferred party hosts. While becoming a party host is no guarantee, participating more parties increases your odds of being selected.

Posh Authenticate

Posh Authenticate is an innovative program introduced by Poshmark to guarantee the authenticity of luxury items sold on their platform. With an increasing number of users buying and selling high-end fashion pieces, Poshmark recognized the need to establish a system that would provide peace of mind to both buyers and sellers.

How does Posh Authenticate work? When a seller lists a luxury item on Poshmark, they have the option to select the Posh Authenticate service. If chosen, the item is then sent directly to Poshmark’s team of experts, who verify its authenticity. These experts have extensive knowledge and experience in identifying genuine designer pieces, ensuring that only authentic items make their way to the buyers.

The Posh Authenticate program covers a wide range of luxury brands, including but not limited to Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada. By carefully examining the item’s quality, craftsmanship, materials, and other defining characteristics, the experts can confidently determine its authenticity. 

Find Items To Sell

Poshmark is an easy and efficient way to turn your closet into cash. The app has numerous tools designed to help users discover and sell items people are willing to purchase.  The search function lets users narrow results based on type, price range, brand or other parameters while its trending page offers shoppers insight into what shoppers are into at any given moment.

At Poshmark, the first step to selling items is identifying those you no longer wear and creating listings for them. When photographing, use natural lighting and take clear shots against a neutral background for maximum effect.  Include closeups of zippers, pockets, wear marks or any signs of damage so buyers get a more accurate impression of what their item will look like when it arrives.  This helps reduce returns significantly!

Once your listings are uploaded, the app will calculate how much money you could make on each sale. If an offer is accepted, Poshmark will send a prepaid shipping label which can be attached to an acceptable box and taken to any post office for shipment. Once received by your buyer, they have three days to evaluate it before accepting or declining it and your earnings are released into your account, and can be redeemed through check request or store credit towards future purchases through Poshmark.

Poshmark originally focused solely on apparel such as clothing, shoes and handbags.  Over time, it has expanded into many other categories of goods. Gen Z and Millennial users particularly favor its resale market due to its eco-friendliness.

Make A Sale

One of the key components to Poshmark success lies in your ability to sell items that are in high demand. Serious sellers take time and care in selecting new or gently used fashionable items they know people want, then meticulously clean and list them with care so buyers receive them in perfect condition, and are likely to purchase additional items from that seller in the future.

To increase your chances of selling, be sure to provide a thorough description for every listing, detailing brand and key details like size and style. It is also important to provide measurements, as sizes differ among brands.  What fits you may be too big on someone else!

Selling on Poshmark requires regularly sharing your listings through the Poshmark app to reach more potential buyers. Sharing items prior to Poshmark Parties and as soon as they end is especially essential for success.

Once a buyer likes your listing on Poshmark, you can offer them a discount off their next purchase! This is an effective way of building up a strong following of buyers eager to explore your closet!

After making a sale, make sure that your items are shipped promptly after they’ve been purchased by buyers in order to maintain positive relationships and maximise earnings. To make shipping easy and save time and effort, use the USPS shipping label that is automatically provided when selling an item on Poshmark.  Print and attach it securely, or arrange a pickup service through Poshmark if you prefer this method of shipment.

Receive Payment

Once you make a sale on Poshmark, your buyers have three days to review and approve it.  Funds held in Pending will then be released into Redeemable balance so you can redeem these funds to either your bank account or apply as credit toward future purchases on this platform.

When you’re ready to cash out your Poshmark earnings, tap on the icon above your username in the bottom right corner of the app to access your pending and redeemable balances. If you prefer bank transfer instead, link your bank account and request withdrawal.  Once processed, it typically takes between one to three business days before funds appear in your bank account.

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