Pet Waste Removal

Commercial pet waste services help businesses, property owners and city parks keep outdoor areas looking clean and pleasant.  This opportunity offers affordable startup costs, and no special licensing required to operate a successful business.

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to gain new customers.  However, pooper scoopers may also advertise at local veterinarian offices, pet stores and dog parks.

Getting Started

Pet waste cleanup businesses don’t seem very glamorous, but they provide real solutions and offer entrepreneurs a viable income opportunity. There are millions of pets and pet owners across America.  As a result, there are plenty of potential clients. Startup costs are minimal, and no special skills or training is necessary to start this type of business.

You must determine if you are willing to do the work required for success.  You will have to travel daily, and spend several hours outside in a variety of temperatures.

Decide on the business entity you will use, and check for any business or license permits required in your jurisdiction.  Discuss insurance concerns with a licensed agent, since the job requires you to enter multiple homeowner properties.

Doing some market research will allow you to better assess the local demand and competition for pet waste removal services, and create a marketing strategy for your pet waste removal business using this data. Your plan should include strategies such as online advertising, partnerships with pet-related businesses and customer referral programs as methods for acquiring customers.

Pricing will also be an essential step in starting up your services. Make sure your fees cover expenses without alienating potential customers.  Try matching current competitors in your area when possible.

Once your pricing has been finalized, you can begin marketing your pet waste removal business to potential customers. Some effective approaches for doing this are social media challenges and contests; word-of-mouth referrals; attending community events; or offering free service for the first visit as an incentive.

Once you’ve established a few customers, it’s time to begin cleaning! For maximum efficiency, plan visits in the early morning during the summer months. Also consider postponing cleanup until after rainfall has subsided, or until ground conditions dry up completely. When completed with cleanups, remember to double bag all waste before depositing in trash cans, in order to minimize odors and ensure safety for garbage collectors. 


Keep your yards free from dog waste is an essential task for homeowners and their animals alike. Unattended piles can pose health hazards and attract pests.  Many pet owners prefer paying a service provider to handle this unpleasant task for them.  This service is needed by owners with several pets.  Also, homeowners who entertain outdoors frequently would be potential clients.

Beginning a dog poop cleanup business can be straightforward and profitable. In order to launch, it requires investing in some key pieces of equipment as well as finding customers and creating an arrangement for service delivery.

Starting a pooper scooper business requires creating a detailed plan. This will enable you to recognize both your strengths and weaknesses, as well as devising ways of differentiating yourself from competitors.

Once you’ve established clear goals for your cleanup business, the next step should be gathering all necessary equipment. Your first order of business should be purchasing a quality pooper scooper.  This tool allows for efficient pet waste removal from yards of all sizes. In addition, it is highly recommended that you invest in high-quality trash bags which will accommodate the amount of waste produced on an everyday basis.

Bringing along a heated glove vest is an invaluable addition to your pet waste removal equipment, particularly if working outside in cold climates. Not only are the ergonomically-designed gloves touchscreen compatible, allowing users to access devices without taking them off, but thermal insulation keeps cold hands from inhibiting performance or decreasing dexterity during work sessions.

Another essential piece of equipment for pet waste removal professionals is a dustpan with long handles. This will enable them to avoid the difficulty associated with bending over when scooping large volumes of trash, speeding up cleaning time and decreasing work hours spent on this task. 


Pet waste removal has quickly become an attractive business option for entrepreneurs due to its relatively low startup costs and high returns. Starting this type of venture involves some one-time expenses that must be considered when beginning operations; marketing/advertising fees, legal costs and office equipment are among these. 

Before diving in, conducting market research is essential to understanding your local pet waste removal market and target audience. Conducting this analysis will allow you to set pricing models, customer reviews, services offered and local regulations so your service meets them all.

Employee training and uniforms should be factored into your budget when starting a new business. While costs for initial employee training and uniforms can vary widely, investing in quality materials can convey a sense of professionalism.

Partnerships with local pet-related businesses such as veterinary clinics and pet stores can be an effective way to expand your pet waste removal business and attract new customers. While partnership costs can range anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousand, they could pay dividends in terms of potential revenue and brand exposure.


Before beginning a dog poop cleanup business, you must first identify your target market. This will enable you to effectively provide services and charge accordingly.  Your target audience could include single-family homes, apartment complexes, veterinary clinics, pet stores or even dog parks.

Pricing may vary based on certain factors,  These include size of yard, traveling distance to client, and frequency of service.  

Successful business owners can be found online selling courses on the topic.  Be sure to find a course that has a module on pricing.

You may consider the option of working for a service provider in another city to gain some knowledge about the industry.

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