Passport Bros

Passport bros is an emerging trend about men who travel abroad to meet women, sparking criticism for its assumed goal of exploitation and misogyny.

Men seeking foreign wives is nothing new.  However, the passport bros movement has recently gained prominence as the result of ‘so called’ feminist trends in Western cultures.

What Are Passport Bros?

Passport bros are men who travel abroad in search of women to marry. Their motivations may range from searching for more traditional brides, or simply tiring of what they perceive as Western women’s feminism. Critics have pointed to this movement’s potential exploitation of women and perpetuation of misogynistic stereotypes about Western dating culture.

Some critics have likened passport bros to modern versions of the mail-order bride industry, alleging that these men exploit poorer women and treat them like objects. Others have noted that similar behavior occurs within ‘adult’ tourism phenomena, when tourists engage in ‘adult’ activities with locals while on vacation.

However, some passport bros claim that they’re just searching for women looking for serious relationships abroad. According to them, women living outside their native countries tend to be more traditional, and so they want someone who will respect and treat them as partners.  Many of these men claim that women in Non-Western countries have not been influenced by ‘so called’ feminist sterotypes.

Other critics have charged that passport bros are perpetrating misogyny by stereotyping women from poorer countries as servants, not partners. They claim these men treat these women like property and do not recognize that many work hard to provide for themselves and their families.

Passport bros have also been accused of fomenting misogyny by criticizing women in their home countries and complaining about how they are treated by society, such as demanding and disrespectful women that fail to meet physical and emotional needs of partners.

Critiques leveled against passport bros are sometimes legitimate.  Others, however, rely on inaccurate assumptions and generalizations. For instance, some have charged that passport bros are stereotyping Latin American women by associating them with prostitutes.  This is unfair and inaccurate, as there are many women from Latin America who prefer relationships with men who treat them with respect and appreciation. The primary Catholic influence of the region has solidified family and marriage relationships for hundreds of years.

Why Are Passport Bros So Popular?

The popularity of this movement has been propelled by an increase in people seeking remote work while traveling, along with decreased travel restrictions that allow them to explore while living out their dreams of becoming digital nomads. As a result, a group known as passport bros has emerged.  Men traveling around looking for international women with whom to form long-term relationships and marriages.

Passport bros are often attracted to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America due to their belief that these nations possess more traditional values than Western societies.  This appeals to many men who are fed up with so called feminist-influenced dating culture in their home countries. The passport bros movement has since evolved into part of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), an initiative advocating men take charge of their lives by leaving toxic relationships behind, and looking for someone more traditional who understands masculinity and traditionalism.  It should also be noted that some with the MGTOW initiative cease all dating and courtship activities.

Although this movement is popular, many critics have also labeled it as exploitative and sexist. Critics specifically target its focus on preferences of foreign women as exploitative. Some have even claimed it represents first world privilege by sending wealthy men abroad in search of ‘adult’ encounters.

Other critics have attacked the passport bros movement for its exclusive views of dating in America. Some individuals have claimed that passport bros are traveling overseas to date foreign women because none meet their high standards, not only in the USA, but all Western countries.  This perspective assumes Western women’s standards are higher than other women around the globe.

What Is The Passport Bros Movement?

Passport bros believe western women are too affected by cultural and societal pressures to behave in certain ways, making them less desirable as partners. They believe a relationship with foreign women is more satisfying and authentic, rebalancing masculine and feminine energies, which brings balance back into relationships. This movement has gained widespread support among men who make a living creating social media content such as TikTok or YouTube vlogs, as it restores natural balance between masculine and feminine energies, particularly among men earning income from their video content.

Many passport bros are white men, but the movement has also grown increasingly popular among black men. Some have even created their own subset of the movement referred to as the “black manosphere.” Content producers provide black men an outlet to share their experiences with foreign women.

Passport bros are often found visiting Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.  These destinations  have also gained prominence among Latin American passport bros, thanks to some content from black travelers who have shared their stories about dating foreign women.

Although it might appear as an outlandish new trend, the passport bros movement is actually an evolution of an existing trend. Men have been traveling abroad in search of love and marriage for decades.  Now, social media provides them with an outlet to document these travels with wider audiences. Critics have condemned the movement for reinforcing stereotypes of black women, as an ethnicity, being undesired for dating and relationships.

Are Passport Bros Dangerous?

Although there may be positive aspects of passport bros, they can be harmful for women. Visa issues and cohabitation issues can arise. Furthermore, passport bros often lack respect for local cultures and traditions, which can make them appear as predatory by locals.  Another challenge can be the lack of language skills necessary for communication with foreign women effectively.

Another problem associated with passport bros is their tendency to be judgmental and condescending towards women, often making negative comments about appearance, careers and personal choices that can severely undermine women’s self-esteem. Furthermore, passport bros could seek an opportunity to be very manipulative and controlling towards partners; using both financial and physical resources against them in an effort to keep control over a relationship.

The greatest danger seems to be the potential extent of influence (collectively) from content creators.  If too many of these people convince others to join their viewpoint, it could have a lasting negative effect on Western dating culture.

Seek Out Success Stories

Another consideration is to watch content from creators who have found success with this initative.  You may discover the female perspective in the relationship, that she is happy and does not feel exploited.  Consider content that reveals why females in some cultures would prefer men from Western societies.

The Filipina Pea is a content creator from the Phillipines.  She is college educated and bilingual.  She gives advice to men who are considering dating in her home country.  She also interviews other women in her country to discover what they want in a relationship with men, what traits and qualities they are seeking.

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