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The author was hesitant about this article.  However, the blog on this website is all about different and unique content at times.  This is an actual niche, so I decided to (carefully) review it.

An unforgettable vacation, taking a nude cruise can be one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever have. A cruise allows you to show off and explore new parts of the world while reveling in a carefree setting.

Cruise Critic reports that the demographic on these trips is “remarkably diverse,” with adults of all ages sailing, although most travelers tend to be college educated between 35 and 65, and enjoy outdoor recreation activities.

Obviously this is not a vacation for children. The typical minimum age requirement is 21 or higher.

Exploring The World Of Nude Cruises 

If you like feeling the gentle sea breeze on your skin without clothing getting in its way, a nude cruise could be perfect for you. Nude cruises can range from casual to opulent, providing everything from sightseeing tours along pristine beaches, to gourmet dining and onboard entertainment options. 

For a small niche, there are several websites with cruise dates and destinations.  You can also find content concerning what to expect on this specialty cruise.

As with any travel experience, your cruise vacation requires packing some essentials. Sunscreen should be top priority, as you’ll likely spend much time out on deck. In addition, light cover-ups may come in handy during times when nudity isn’t permitted such as meals and off-ship excursions.  Bring one along just in case!  Also keep in mind it’s considered rude to sit naked on ship furnishings so bring along a towel.  

This is one example of nudist etiquette, and nudists should already be aware of these concepts.  This lifestyle may at times require the participants to be more mindful of hygiene.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, reviewing some of the most popular nude cruise destinations might help get things underway. For instance, The Big Nude Boat cruises to various Caribbean islands between 2023-2024; including many they haven’t visited since years. Other itineraries take passengers through lush tropical locales, as well as breathtaking desert vistas.

What To Expect

Clothing-optional cruises provide an exciting way to discover the world and build connections among shipmates, but you should be mindful of any differences between a nude cruise and other types of vacations that focus on being naked. In general, nude cruises tend to embrace body positivity by celebrating body positivity rather than sexuality.  Additionally, they allow for deeper connection to nature through experiences like bathing naked in nature!

If you are embarking on a nude cruise, research the itinerary so you can pack for each activity accordingly. For instance, dining room attire or specialty restaurant clothing might need to be brought along, formalwear in case gala events arise, beach towels and sunscreen may also need to be packed along. Be familiar with any rules and regulations specific to your cruise line before booking the trip!

You need to undertand what dress codes will be required for ports of call, since these are typically foreign countries with their own standards.

Some cruise lines offer clothing-optional sailings while others only permit it as part of a charter organized by third parties. Bare Necessities, the largest nude cruise operator, provides trips on various small ship and large cruise line fleets.  Their Austin, Texas-based headquarters first offered clothing-optional cruises back in 1990 and currently organizes over 80 sailings every year.

According to the company’s website, a typical nude cruise typically features both singles and couples who are willing to show some skin. The demographics of guests on such cruises tend to include college educated adults aged 35-65 years.

On a nude cruise, clothes will only be required during meals in main dining rooms or specialty restaurants, and during stage shows in the theater. Outside these events, however, guests may dress however they please and enjoy all the amenities aboard ship without fear of offending anyone.  Just be mindful of others when using facilities like fitness centers, ziplines and casinos and when sitting down on furniture such as deck chairs.  Use towels as part of the etiquette mentioned previously.

While onboard the Carnival Pride cruise ship from Tampa, nudists flocked to its piano bar, dancing to Elton John and Billy Joel while also playing ping pong and hanging out at various points across its library, theater, gym and buffet lines. While many individuals did display some level of nudity,most was casual rather than sexualized, and rarely sexualized it further.

It is important to distinguish nudism from sexuality.  These cruises focus on self expression, not the open display of what would be considered adult content.

Popular Destinations

Cruises that sail to tropical locations often allow passengers to unclothe themselves and experience the freedom of a nude vacation, providing couples with an ideal romantic escape, as well as single travelers looking for like-minded individuals. Nude cruises typically feature themed parties such as Renaissance nights or fetish soirees. Packing for these cruises requires additional consideration; in particular formalwear may be needed for events such as captain’s cocktail parties.

Visitors looking for nudist adventures can embark on a 5-night naked cruise offered by Bare Necessities, featuring Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Corsica, Sardinia and French Riviera destinations. This tour and travel company specializes in these journeys hosted on Carnival ships.  For instance their February 2022 charter aboard Carnival Pride had water sports as well as a Guy Fieri-themed restaurant!

These specialty cruises differ from naturist-oriented trips, which tend to be family-oriented and offer activities such as yoga classes, massages and horoscope readings that don’t violate boundaries. 

This type of cruise must enforce certain behaviors in case someone ‘misunderstands’ the true nature and goal of the cruise.  Violators can be ejected from the cruise, without any refunds. They may also be subject to arrest in the next port of call, based on the nature of the violation.

Cruise Lines That Offer This Unique Experience

Cruise lines that offer clothing-optional sailings usually host these trips on private islands or beaches in the Caribbean, often featuring themed cruises to meet specific interest groups, such as poker enthusiasts or music fans.  Nude cruises provide an enjoyable way to escape everyday stressors and unwind under the sun with friends, family and like-minded individuals in an idyllic environment.

If you’re thinking about taking a nude cruise, make sure to do some reading first to familiarize yourself with what to expect. That way you can pack for dinners and shore excursions as well as formal events, such as attending captain’s cocktail parties. Don’t forget sunscreen and hats in case the ship heads to warmer climates! Additionally, find out which themed parties may take place ahead of time so you can pack costumes or body paint to attend these themed gatherings.

Regarding the rest of the cruise, most ships permit guests to remain undressed during most of the voyage. However, you’ll likely have to wear clothing for dining, themed parties and any times when the captain calls for all passengers to remain clothed due to safety reasons. Otherwise, you can enjoy lounging around decks, soaking up rays and playing games without concern over tan lines.

Not only is going on a nude cruise clothing-free unique, but many participants also report that their experience helps break through social barriers by creating an atmosphere of acceptance and positivity. They express how this allows them to connect more emotionally with those they meet while creating unforgettable memories with them.

Cruising As A Niche

The topic of this article gets a suprising 18,000 searches per month.  However, some cruise lines get over one million searches per month.  

You could cover any of the variety of specialty or theme cruises that are available worldwide. There are plenty more that are family friendly as an alternative to what was mentioned in this article!

With the topic discussed in this article, the obvious way to monetize is to go on one of these trips and create content about your experience, possibly linking to specific cruises as an affiliate.  This topic obviously lends itself to more questions than your standard family friendly cruise.

However, you may want to consider promoting aspects of cruising with higher monthly search volumes.

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