Nomad Capitalist

Making travel a part of your lifestyle increases its potential for learning and also alters how you relate to the world around you.  You do not have to live where you were born, you have choices.

Nomad Capitalist provides entrepreneurs and investors with holistic, legal offshore plans for tax reduction, financial diversification, international investment opportunities, as well as plan B residency and citizenship.

What Is Nomad Capitalist?

Nomad Capitalist is primarily known as an educational YouTube channel and informative website providing information about offshore banking, offshore companies, second passports and citizenships, tax strategies, real estate investment strategies and lifestyle choices. Nomad Capitalist was created by Andrew Henderson, an American educator, investor and world traveler. After dropping out of Arizona State University to start his own business, he now boasts over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Nomad capitalist offers an innovative solution for internationalizing both your life and business. Their three-step method follows the EKG formula, Enhance, Keep, and Grow personal and financial independence, a fantastic way to save on taxes while living the lifestyle you choose.

Nomad Capitalist offers offshore financial planning that assists seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and investors to keep more of their earnings private. Their team of experts are there to minimize taxes while increasing financial freedom, making Nomad Capitalist an indispensable one-stop shop for all things offshore!

Mr. Henderson emphasizes the company has a consultant approach, not a sales approach.  They can provide custom services based on your needs.  He often stresses his committment to legal and ethical solutions in his frequent video appearances.

Mr Henderson’s personal life is an example of the services his company provides.  He has multiple passports from various citizenship programs, and claims to own several homes around the world.  He renounced his USA citizenship several years ago, in order to become a ‘citizen of the world’.

Nomad Capitalist Business Model

Nomad Capitalist offers services to assist individuals in creating offshore strategies for living and investing overseas legally and safely. While these plans are legal and safe, their implementation must be conducted under the advice of legal and financial professionals in each location, to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Nomad Capitalist offers consulting services as well as hosting an annual live conference called Nomad Capitalist Live, featuring speakers from across the globe and providing an opportunity for networking among like-minded individuals.

Henderson International specialize in helping wealthy individuals internationalize their businesses and finances, including legal offshore tax reduction, asset protection, dual citizenship and frontier market investing. Their services feature legal offshore tax reduction, asset protection, dual citizenship applications and frontier market investments with their trademark wit and anecdotes woven throughout. Through action-oriented solutions, they have helped thousands of clients realize their goals.

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