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Old-school graphic design relied heavily on dry-transfer sheets from Letraset for adding text; rather than typing, designers used these scrambled sheets of text in various fonts and sizes.

Hampden-Sydney College Latin scholar Christopher Coggeshall discovered that the popular “Lorem Ipsum” passage originated in De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum by Cicero from 45 B.C.

What Is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem ipsum is a pseudo-Latin phrase often employed in graphic and printing design to convey the visual style of a typeface or document. Consisting of seemingly meaningful but actually meaningless text, this pseudo-Latin expression can often be found on print designs as well as web templates or stock materials as well as software programs, word processors, and digital marketing collaterals.

Printers initially used “lorem ipsum” in specimen booklets to showcase fonts. Its use was selected because its appearance resembled regular text without taking away from its content in any way. Letraset produced preprinted transfer sheets featuring this phrase during the 1960s and again during the 1980s when Aldus Corporation launched desktop publishing software with preinstalled graphics and lorem ipsum templates included as standard features.

Today’s modern approach to writing lorem ipsum requires using an online generator. Some provide random selections of Latin phrases while others let you select specific words and paragraph lengths yourself. Some sites allow for elements like references to movies or television series, even adding humorous references!

Some of the most well-known lorem ipsum generators relate to popular movies and shows like Rick and Morty, Back to the Future and Star Wars, making mockups even more engaging! Back to the Future Ipsum allows users to generate funny lines from these movies, while Rick and Morty Ipsum lets users generate quotes from these popular shows.

People may wonder why placeholder text such as lorem ipsum is used, rather than meaningful text.  The answer lies within its simplicity: to focus the viewer’s eye on the visual aspects of design rather than be distracted or confused by actual letters used as text. Using actual letters would defeat this purpose of using placeholders.

Lorem ipsum can also be used in place of real text as it can be generated more rapidly than actual paragraphs, enabling designers to focus their work without worrying about text content until ready for final production.

Lorem Ipsum History

Historically, the term “loren ipsum” has been used to denote placeholder text on design layouts and templates. This “real looking” placeholder text serves no purpose other than looking real.  People have various theories as to its source and origin.

One popular theory suggests that the term is derived from ancient Latin text written by Cicero.  However, no evidence to back this up exists. Another possible origin could be printer errors.  Printers sometimes scramble text when creating specimen books.  Some suggest Aldus Manutius used his dummy Latin language as a test page design tool in pre-computer times.

Desktop publishing technology now makes use of placeholder text known as Loren Ipsum to design books and brochures, providing realistic looking text without detracting from their design. Dummy text serves an invaluable purpose in these instances as it adds another level of realism without hindering design of publications.

Many designers utilize loren ipsum as placeholder text when designing websites, typically at the bottom of pages to give a professional appearance and to make updates easier for site administrators. Some even create templates specifically using this text!

Loren ipsum may make for an ideal placeholder text, but it may not be suitable for high-fidelity prototypes presented to clients or end users for review and feedback. When used this way it risks confusing or distracting users, while making it hard to match up its size with actual content.

Though its origin remains contentious, loren ipsum has long been used as a convenient means of testing out layout designs prior to making any commitments. Some experts maintain its use will remain valuable in the near future while others question if its necessity in an age when there are numerous design elements which can be modified or replaced is even warranted.

Lorem Ipsum Uses

Over time, designers have adopted “lorem ipsum” as their go-to placeholder text, often used in print projects, infographics and websites alike. Although lacking in an intuitive meaning or significant visuals for replacement purposes, its function remains.  Filling space on pages until real text or images can be introduced into layouts or pages.

Sometimes designers may also opt for using an actual piece of text with intelligible meaning to serve the same function.  However, doing so risks obstructing or taking away from the overall design and content of their project.  Additionally if such text doesn’t suit its context it may appear inappropriate or silly.

Dummy or placeholder text is frequently employed in typesetting to generate a specimen sheet for clients to select their fonts for their projects. Since print shops don’t want any intelligible meaning from this text, they often scrambled it up so as to produce what we all recognize today as “lorem ipsum text.”

Digitally, digital dummy text became widespread when desktop publishing software included it as default dummy text. Since then, word processing applications and other forms of document creation software also make use of it as filler material.

Why the phrase lorem ipsum has endured for so long remains an enigma.  However, its longevity could stem from several reasons. One explanation could be its realistic appearance which makes it ideal as placeholder text without disrupting overall layout of writing pieces.  Easy accessibility makes it practical for designers.

Though a designer could easily combine random letters together to achieve this look, this can be off-putting to readers and confusing for newcomers to the language. Understandable text creates the impression that your design is complete; using something realistic like the lorem ipsum text helps give this illusion.

Lorem Ipsum Generators

Many websites provide text generators for creating text. These tools can help users fill empty spaces on websites, presentations and tests as well as write test papers with ease. Plus, these text creators make great tools for testing out various fonts, sizes and styles while acting as placeholders in layout and design projects.

A Loren Ipsum Generator can produce a list of Latin phrases or random words and paragraphs, which it can rearrange into various combinations to produce endless possibilities. Some sites allow users to customize the text with specific languages of choice as well as produce shorter versions for smaller spaces.

Utilizing a Loren Ipsum Generator is simple. Most sites utilize a database of Latin words and model sentence structures to produce fake texts that are free from repetition or humorous touches.

Additionally, the Loren Ipsum can serve as an effective mockup or dummy version of documents, which is beneficial in that real text can potentially distract from page design or layout. Furthermore, using mockup text helps prevent unintended humor or inappropriate material which often arises in professional environments.

Corporate environments often don’t provide access to final versions of documents and publications until just prior to their release online, and using a mock document as a review platform helps ensure its elements meet with everyone’s approval before being published online.

Many graphic programs, such as page-layout software, include the ability to generate loren ipsum. This feature can be particularly beneficial when the final text for a project has not yet been approved.  

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