Lead Magnet Ideas

No matter the age or niche of your business, growing your list is an essential element of marketing success. To maximize this effort, offer irresistible opt-in freebies that your audience cannot resist taking.

The ebook from 20 years ago, written by someone who is not a native English speaker, is not going to impress anyone.  This does not mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on the development of a product, you just need to be both creative and helpful.

The Power of Free

Freebies can be one of the most powerful ways to expand your list.  They give subscribers a preview of your products and services, but they’re also designed to attract new customers into subscribing.  This is somtimes called a lead magnet, and occasionally, an ethical bribe.

The meaning of a lead magnet is simply the concept of offering a free giveaway when someone fills out a lead capture page, entering their email address at a minimum.  The email address will be used to deliver the promised product, while triggering a prewritten email series to be sent at predetermined times to the recipient.  The technology that runs this process is known as an autoresponder.

When creating your list building freebie, keep this in mind: this transaction should feel non-risky and straightforward. Free is best, and should provide the best opt-in rate.

At the start of the subscription, you may consider offering a low priced product. This is known as a funded proposal, because it is designed to recoup some of your advertising costs.  

Another use of this low priced offer is to set the tone for the relationship.  In other words, you plan to give a lot of free stuff away, but you are a serious marketer who will proactively promote.

Some marketers incorporate the use of a low cost product as a trip wire offer, meaning the person has identified themselves as a buyer, which may segment them onto another list with a focus more toward selling.

Your free item should provide high levels of value in exchange for their email addresses. This will increase the likelihood that they continue doing business with you, and increase customer retention, especially if you are helpful more often than a salesperson.

Lead Magnet Examples

Creating a resource library of articles or videos related to your niche will demonstrate that you are an authority in that field, and encourage more subscribers to sign up for your list.  You could even curate this information from established content, such as a list of YouTube videos covering a particular topic, with the video links attached.

Another variation of this concept is creating a mini-course or guide that you can offer to new subscribers. For instance, craft bloggers could create free tutorials showing new subscribers how to master certain techniques or skills related to crafting. Through these campaigns, you could even mention appropriate affiliate links for each module.

Checklists can be an effective tool for building your list. A checklist provides your audience with step-by-step directions for reaching a particular goal or completing a particular task.  You simply list the steps needed to perform a certain task, and put those steps in an easy to read format, even better in printable format.

Workbooks are another popular opt-in freebie that’s sure to grab some attention.   They can be designed to provide practical experience that helps someone gain and apply their newfound knowledge. For instance, food bloggers could offer something like “10 Dinner Recipes You Can Prepare in Under 20 minutes” as an email subscription incentive.  The workbook could be implemented as a supplement to a mini course, where the user answers questions that replicate the concept of journaling.  

Engineering prompts for AI should soon be an excellent incentive, especially if someone can use the prompts with their current AI subscription.  Knowing what to tell the AI engine is one of the most important factors in getting the desired results.  These prompts can be delivered to the subscriber using any of the formats listed in the article.

Quizzes can be an engaging and effective tool to gain more information about your audience and their interests.  Not only can it serve as an engaging freebie, but they’re a great way to prequalify prospects for future product offers.  You could offer short quizzes as gauges for interest or use longer, fuller ones to increase engagement and conversion rates.  There are some software options on the market that will allow you to segment subscribers into various lists depending on their answers, similar to the trip wire offer mentioned previously. 

Mockups are an engaging way for subscribers to experience what your paid products can do. These could range from single design templates to entire bundles depending on your niche, and perceived value of paid offerings.

An effective and creative way to build your list is through offering printables. From wall art and coloring pages, to inspirational quotes or motivational posters, printables are an effective way to engage audiences, while keeping your brand at the top of mind for future sales opportunities. Graphics and spreadsheets are just a few more options in this category.

Done For You Lead Magnets

One of the easiest ways to find lead magnets is to do a search for private label rights or PLR for your niche. Private label rights is the concept of someone creating a product that you can buy and use as your own. These products can be used in their current state, or edited to your preference.

However, each product has a detailed license policy, and you must follow all aspects of the policy. To use these products as lead magnets, look for license terms that allow you to give away in exchange for a lead, or similar wording.  Using the product as your lead magnet would be allowed with this clause.  Reputable sellers will display their product license before purchase.

Another option is to have a product made for you.  Fiverr is a freelance hub that offers digital services in hundreds of categories.  Creators and designers are located across the globe.  Each member will list the cost of their services, provide some examples, and allow you to see reviews from previous customers.  This is an excellent place to order custom work, or modify your private label rights product (subject to license terms).

In our current gig economy, there are several options for acquiring quality lead magnets at a reasonable cost. Find or custom build something for your intended audience, and start promoting.

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