I made the same mistakes as every rookie marketer.

When I started working online years ago, I did the same thing every new person was doing. It was all about me. How can I get more money? What program will pay me the most?

This tactic was not working. People ignored me and the programs I was promoting. Since this marketing method did not work, I decided to try another approach.

I started to follow other marketers that were realistic and gave away a lot of free materials before they even asked for a sale. Also, I ignored the jets and sports cars. The marketers that made an impression on me had ordinary lives. However, their priority was time freedom, not some flashy material possession.

Thinking outside the rectangle

So, I decided to purchase or aquire the rights to material that would benefit other marketers, and give it away for free. This evolved from free items, to buying rights to products, to building a website, to buying or building multiple websites. All with the purpose of helping other marketers, even if I never receive a commission from them in my entire lifetime.

I promote relevent and related products and services in my websites. I know that by being ethical and unique, visitors turn into buyers. Also, people will find my material helpful and share my links, increasing my potential marketing footprint.

Consider the giveaway model as you build your own business. You do not have to do it on the same scale as me. Can you use a unique approach or specialize in a particular niche?

Working behind the curtain

I only have a few videos on YouTube. I only have a few posts on some social media accounts. I do not spend any time in discussion forums or chats. However, I am trying to develop one of the most unique collections of free online resources for any home based marketer. Building, modifying and maintaining websites can be very time consuming.

And finally, thanks for taking the time to visit one of my sites. If you find something beneficial, please download and use.

Please visit again from time to time. I occasionally add more to this site or introduce other websites.