Hidden Dog Niches

Pet affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative industries. Pet owners love their furry, feathered or scaly friends and are willing to spend big money on them from basic needs such as food and insurance premiums, to lavish extras such as grooming services, training sessions and toys.

The topic of dogs is definately a market, not a niche.  There are so many options.  While you may want to cover every topic, there are plenty of niches with specific affiliate programs that will pay you to send customers. 

The niches covered in the article are not well known.  However, the data shows consistent monthly searches.

A blog or website can be an excellent way to distinguish yourself from competitors while drawing in an audience that cares about what you have to offer. Finding a specific niche within the dog market can help your business stand out and draw in potential buyers that care about what it has to offer.

How To Stop A Puppy Biting

A puppy’s mouthing and biting is simply play. Puppies in a litter will play together, rough and tumble. It is how they learn about boundaries and interacting with humans. They do not bite with intention to hurt but they do need to learn that this is not appropriate behaviour when playing with humans.

The best way to stop a puppy biting is to interrupt their play and redirect them onto an appropriate toy (like a tug toy) that they can chew on or have in their mouth. Use a variety of ways to appeal to your puppy’s senses with the toy.  You can use treats inside of the toy to encourage them to want to take it in their mouth.

Another important thing to remember is not to get frustrated with your pup when they nip. Getting frustrated or telling them off will only send them into a frenzy and encourage the nipping to escalate. Instead, calmly remove them from the situation by putting them back in their pen or even into their crate for a few minutes to calm down and then returning to them.

This niche has over 10.000 montly searches.  With this keyword, we know we have someone that has a puppy.  This means someone may need to buy a bunch of puppy supplies, or they may be interested in pet insurance, which can be a profitable program to promote.

Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

When selecting a dog for seniors, it’s essential that their lifestyle be taken into account. Some are more active and prefer larger breeds that can run and play freely while others might prefer something calmer that will curl up by their side on the couch. When making the selection process more rigorous, consider how much exercise the animal requires, as well as any health conditions it could potentially face in its life span.

At any age, choosing the appropriate breed of dog for a senior will depend on his/her lifestyle and health needs, but some popular choices for seniors include Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers, Pugs, Shih Tzus and Beagles as companion animals. These affectionate yet intelligent pups make wonderful companions who don’t require too much exercise every day! Additionally, these breeds tend to be less energetic than other varieties making them great options as companions!

Poodles are one of the ideal breeds for seniors as they’re low-energy dogs that adore being part of their families. Available in miniature and standard sizes, poodles have highly intelligent personalities with eagerness to please. However, their keen senses might sometimes chase away small creatures such as squirrels or birds, so it would be best suited to homes with fenced yards or leashes when out walking.

This niche has over 12,000 monthly searches.  With this keyword, we know we are dealing with a senior citizen, or a family member helping a senior citizen.  Some promotional products to consider include any specific senior related dog accessories, such as easy to snap dog collars.  Mobile vet and grooming services may be an option.  This may provide an opportunity to market other products and services related to senior citizens.

Treating Hot Spots On Dogs

Hot spots on dogs are sore, smelly red wet patches of skin that may ooze pus. These hot spots are extremely painful for your pet and usually form tightly adhered scabs or crusts which must be broken open to allow the damaged tissue to heal properly. 

Although hot spots typically appear on heads, necks, limbs and hips of pets, they can appear anywhere on the body and can often go undetected as they form beneath matted fur, long ear flaps or collars.  Should your dog develop one, it is crucial that veterinary attention be sought immediately to prevent further complications escalations.

The veterinarian will first clean and trim the affected area. If a hot spot is particularly severe, treatment with an antibiotic cream consisting of neomycin, polymyxin B and pramoxine (Neosporin) may also be required.  Hydrocortisone cream may also help relieve itching associated with hot spots.

Keep your dog from licking or scratching at their hot spots as this will only prolong the healing process and risk infection. A breathable sock or T-shirt or plastic Elizabethan collar could provide protection from this. This way you will ensure they won’t lick or scratch at it which in turn prevents further infection of hot spots.

Most cases of hot spots on dogs are caused by bacteria.  However, other possible sources can include fungal infections or parasitic infestations like scabies lice or fleas. Once identified and addressed appropriately, most conditions are resolved quickly.

This niche has almost 15,000 monthly searches.  With this keyword, we know we are dealing with a health issue.  You could promote over the counter treatments that are designated for use on dogs.  This may lead to other potential money makers, such as veterinarian referrals or pet insurance.  With this niche, you should avoid giving medical advice, just as you would avoid this with humans.

Flying With A Dog

Flying with your pet can be daunting, with different rules depending on airline, location and breed of animal. A bit of planning ahead of time can make the flight much less stressful.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the airline’s policies and requirements.  That includes understanding whether your dog qualifies to travel in the cabin under your seat in front of you, as well as any size limits for carriers. Furthermore, find out whether they require you or your pup to present a health certificate, typically covering vaccinations and microchip ID numbers.  When traveling internationally they’ll also require a rabies vaccine, as well as passport or visa in accordance with local requirements.  

Choose nonstop flights whenever possible to limit your dog’s exposure to people and noises on the way to, and during boarding at the airport.  Consider booking tickets on weekdays when airports tend to be less crowded compared to weekends.  For cargo hold travel, choose morning or evening departure in summer, and midday departure in winter for maximum temperature control.

Consider your dog’s temperament when considering his or her flight plans. Some dogs are adept travelers and enjoy meeting strangers.  Others may become fearful or anxious during flights. If your pup tends to bark, chew, or whine during flights, leaving him/her in the hold may be best. Many airlines restrict which breeds are allowed into the cabin.

This niche has over 12.000 monthly searches.  With this niche, we know we are dealing with an owner focused on traveling.  The first idea to promote is an airline approved dog carrier.  You could also consider travel food and water containers.  Another possibility is to promote dog friendly destinations and lodging.

Another angle is to show the pros and cons of traveling with a pet.  As an alternative, you would highly recommmend the pet stay in a boarding facility.  Another option would be obedience training in preparation for the trip.


These examples show the endless possibilities when researching dog niches, where the data shows consistent searches for the same solutions month after month, year after year.

The goal is to create content that actually addresses and solves the problem, while providing ethical solutions.  These solutions can easily be reputable products and services, with you as an affiliate.

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