Fundrise is an innovative investment platform that makes investing in private real estate projects accessible for non-accredited investors. Offering three investment plans tailored to your risk tolerance: supplement income, long-term growth or a mix of both.

Easy To Use

Fundrise provides investors with an innovative online platform for investing in real estate.  They can purchase shares of one property or even an entire portfolio with as little as $10 a month invested through this simple online platform. There is even an accompanying mobile app for managing investments from any location! Fundrise utilizes proprietary technology to evaluate real estate projects and invests only those considered high-quality, low-risk investments.

Rise Companies manages Fundrise via an eREITs and eFunds service offering opportunities for investment in commercial and rental properties, using value investing. Their strength comes from Rise Companies being privately held as an entity.

Fundrise stands out from many other alternative real estate platforms by operating as a real estate investment trust, meaning they diversify across multiple projects, thereby decreasing risk and offering greater long-term returns than the stock market.

Fundrise is an excellent solution for individuals looking to invest in real estate on a long-term basis. Offering various investment options tailored for all kinds of investors from novice to high net-worth individuals. Plus, Fundrise features a unique feature which allows users to diversify their real estate investment using traditional 60/40 split between stocks and bonds, for added peace of mind.

Fundrise’s dividend payments are another great advantage of membership.  These can either be reinvested into your portfolio or sent straight into your bank account. Furthermore, Fundrise provides a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), which allows you to increase stake in its portfolio without incurring additional fees or costs.

Somewhat Safe

Fundrise offers investors an exclusive opportunity to invest in high-quality real estate and pre-IPO private companies with just $10 minimum investments, making participation accessible to more people than ever before. Since its launch, Fundrise has made numerous modifications to improve client experiences, with each alteration enhancing investor returns.

Fundrise’s primary offering is its non-traded shares called Fundrise eREITs, which enable you to invest in commercial or residential real estate projects without directly trading stock on public exchanges. They’re similar to stocks but do not publicly trade, making them safe long-term holdings with various tax advantages, including deferring capital gains taxes until selling shares.

Investors can make money through rental income and property appreciation. Reinvesting dividends, which are reported annually on IRS Form 1099-DIV, also generates returns. Furthermore, investors can choose from various financing options available from this company in order to select what best fits their portfolios.

Fundrise can be an attractive way to invest, but it shouldn’t be seen as risk-free. Returns depend on real estate market performance and overall economy conditions.  Should the sector slow down, your shares may become inaccessible for sale.  Furthermore, Fundrise has limited liquidity during a crisis period so they may not be redeemable when needed.

Another important point is Fundrise is relatively new and untested in financial crises, so any disruptions could negatively impact its eREITs, particularly if Fundrise experiences recession or significant stock market declines.


Fundrise offers multiple investment options, from equity investments in multifamily apartments and industrial properties to private debt investments. Furthermore, Fundrise’s diversified and low-cost funds make investing accessible to anyone starting out. 

Fundrise offers three strategies tailored to individual investors’ risk profiles: supplemental income, balanced, and long-term growth. Each of these investments allocates your funds over time into different projects and sends updates about their progress, making Fundrise an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and build wealth over time. However, it is important that investors understand all associated risks before undertaking an investment.  While Fundrise promises consistent returns, returns aren’t guaranteed!

Fundrise investments differ from public REITs by emphasizing property appreciation gains over cash flows, leading to aggressive projections compared with their typical counterparts. Although this should not necessarily be taken as a negative sign, it should be a factor when considering whether this asset class fits your portfolio well.

Fundrise eFunds and eREITs usually require at least five years before you can redeem shares, with some having an early redemption penalty of 1% imposed. However, these fees often offset by higher potential returns on your investment.

Fundrise offers investors additional advantages with investments backed by real physical assets that are less susceptible to market fluctuations and less correlated to the stock market, making it a good diversifier.


Fundrise provides an innovative real estate investment platform. Instead of buying one property at a time, instead giving money to one large company which purchases multiple properties and then sells individual parts off piecemeal.  Over time, these tiny pieces become income producing assets with appreciation potential.

Fundrise manages over one billion dollars in assets for investors. Their transparent and rigorous risk management processes include screening real estate assets that join an eREIT or eFund through an extensive screening and underwriting process.  This includes looking closely into credentials and experience of sponsors who own and oversee real estate assets.

Fundrise’s electronic REITs or eFunds don’t charge investor fees when buying shares, making them an ideal way to diversify portfolios with real estate investments. Plus, quarterly distributions may be taxed as income and reinvested into either that same property or another one!

Fundrise offers three investment plans to suit different investment goals, but active investors may benefit from upgrading to its Pro membership at $10/month or $99.00 annually, for access to expert-level data regarding real estate investments as well as paywalled Wall Street Journal content.

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