Script needs aapanel installed for set up on Cloudways (digital ocean) and mild script modification listed below.

If gig is ordered, I just need your email address that is not connected to another Cloudways primary account to grant access.

Link to the script knowledge base features

how to install

Script Download Link

Script to be installed on subdomain

Login: admin Password: zook#432$Q

Work order requirements with images and written instructions

Only these items should show at top of script

Youtube media converter remains as logo…home connects to script home page…main menu connects to main WordPress site

YouTube Media Converter ……Home …… Main Menu

Top of script will have “YouTube Media Converter” and link for “Home” and link “Main Menu” for home page

? next to social share. The social share did not work in demo. Will delete if not working in live script.

? on right side of script hopefully does not exist in live script, just demo ads, but to be removed on live script

“Download Video” to be disabled entire script. Actual downloads audio only.