Cheap Gas Tips

There are many ways to save on gas, such as making note of prices on your commute, as well as using apps for this purpose.  Discount clubs offer cheap gas exclusively to their members.

However, do not overlook how you treat your vehicle.  Simple mistakes, epecially when combined, can cause you to get less miles per gallon.

Cheap Gas Along Your Route

Preserving pennies these days can be challenging with gas prices increasing rapidly. Yet smart travelers understand that using an effective strategy to save on fuel can reduce their overall bill by several dollars.

The simplest way to find cheap gas is to notice the price signs on your commute.  Are they lower closer to home?  Do you work in a rural area that usually has better prices?

Looking up “cheap gas near me” on your phone can be a quick way to find prices based on your current location.

Gas Station Loyalty Program

If you frequent the same gas station near your house, loyalty rewards programs offer opportunities to save money, and enjoy in-store purchases like beverages and snacks at reduced costs. Some even provide other perks like coffee freebies. It is essential that drivers assess how they spend at gas stations before selecting an ideal program that best fits their needs.

Many gas stations provide loyalty cards and apps that allow customers to save money on fuel purchases. The BPme app, for instance, helps save 5 cents per gallon every time you fill-up, while you can also use it to track receipts and organize purchases. 

Consider if these perks are worth it to you in the long run.  For example, will this entice you to frequently buy convenience foods that are cheaper elsewhere?

Pay Cash

Many gas stations provide customers with a cash discount, which reduces the price for customers who pay with cash, instead of credit or debit card processing fees, in order to encourage people to visit.

National Association of Convenience Stores estimates that cash discounts could save consumers up to 10 cents a gallon, but you must still compare prices.  Not all gas stations list their cash and credit prices separately.  Some may charge only the credit price regardless of which payment method they choose.

Use A Smartphone App

Smartphone apps can be one of the best ways to save on gas. There are various apps that can help you locate the cheapest gasoline prices near you, and even offer cashback when purchasing fuel.

GasBuddy, one of the world’s best-known gas savings apps, has been downloaded over 20 million times and saved users over $3.1 billion. This free app shares real-time prices from users in its community while offering cards that could save you up to 25 cents per gallon on gasoline purchases.

Another way to reduce gasoline purchases costs is with the GetUpside app, which helps users earn cash back at over 30,000 participating gas stations nationwide, and can give back as much as 25 cents for every gallon purchased. Simply link up their credit or debit cards and upload either “check in” photos of their receipts or upload photos to start earning your reward.  Money which can later be redeemed via PayPal or digital gift card.

Google Maps app can also be an invaluable resource for finding cheap gasoline. It enables you to view prices for different grades of gas at specific locations on a map, including when their prices were last updated, and any possible deals nearby.  

Pay With A Credit Card

Credit cards provide numerous advantages, including cash back on purchases. A card that offers high cash back in specific categories like gas can help save you money at the pump; some cards even provide special perks to their cardholders, such as free gas at participating stations! It’s important to pay off your balance every month to avoid incurring costly interest charges.

Some grocery chains and gas stations offer rewards programs that let you accumulate fuel points when purchasing gas and other products, then redeem them for discounts. Kroger, for instance, gives its members one fuel point for every $1 spent at its supermarkets; accumulate 1000 fuel points to receive $1 off per gallon of gasoline!

Costco Gas Prices Near Me

Costco is a membership warehouse club.  They provide deep discounts on a variety of merchandise, while offering exclusive perks to the members.  The gasoline island is one such perk, offering a better price than most chain or independent stations.  You can go to their website and find the current price at any location.

Click here to search Costco for gas prices

How To Get Better MPG

Now that you have started saving some money, make sure your vehicle is getting the best mileage.  There are several thing you can do wrong, and your vehicle will be less efficient.

Tire pressure should be maintained according to the manual, or driver side information plate, at all times. Pressures decrease automatically, even though this is gradual.  Changes may be more noticeable if you have temperature, or seasonal changes.  Tires that are underinflated may see a .03% decrease in mileage per 1 psi reduction from proper pressure.  Proper pressures may increase tire life due to more even tread wear.

Avoid carrying exess weight, such as using the trunk as mini storage.  Every 100 pounds of unnecessary weight may reduce your mileage by as much as 2%.

Be sure to follow recommend service intervals.  Air filters can become clogged, and a newer filter will allow better airflow.  Sparks plugs will become fouled.  Replacement plugs allows for better fuel ignition.

Driving habits can improve your mileage.  Smooth acceleration and attention to speed limits are driver choices that someone can implement during every drive.

US Department Of Energy Gas Saving Tips

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