Answer The Public

Content creation that helps visitors find what they’re searching for on your website is of utmost importance, yet often it can be challenging to come up with ideas for new articles.

Answer The Public is a tool that uses autocomplete (also known as search suggestions) data to provide keyword suggestions and ideas for topics to target in your content creation. It’s an excellent way of coming up with novel article topics!

What Is AnswerThePublic?

Answer The Public is a keyword research tool designed to uncover consumer queries. By creating content tailored specifically for them, Answer The Public allows you to build trust among your audience while garnering their business.

Answer The Public leverages search engine autosuggest data to locate and sort inquiries relevant to your topic, organizing them into categories based on prepositions (for, to and with), comparisons and questions.

After entering your keyword, this tool displays all searches related to it, along with related terms. Furthermore, it shows trends over time as well as daily search numbers.

Answer The Public is one of several tools that offer similar capabilities, like Ahrefs.  However, its user interface makes Answer The Public an ideal option. 

Paid subscriptions offer additional features, including unlimited searches, CSV download, and higher-resolution visualization views. Premium subscribers may also provide team member access and receive priority customer service. A free account is available, only allowing for 3 searches daily.

How Does AnswerThePublic Work?

AnswerThePublic utilizes autocomplete data from Google Search to help you quickly identify keywords for your content. Autosuggest is when users begin typing a search term and Google provides suggestions. Answer The Public ‘listens in’ on this autocomplete information and selects useful phrases and questions, presenting them in an easily consumable and downloadable format.

Search query data can help you create useful content and drive engagement for your business. As such, numerous digital marketing experts like Neil Patel recognize it as an indispensable source for keyword research and content ideation.

AnswerThePublic is designed to help you discover long-tail keywords by filtering out more generic, nonsensical and irrelevant results from Bing and Google. You can further narrow the results by hiding any branches or suggestions you don’t want (e.g. if your business only sells sports shoes you could potentially filter out queries for sandals). 


Answer The Public offers many features to enhance user experience. For instance, its search suggestions feature allows users to narrow results further.  For instance, athletic apparel designers can easily exclude formal wear searches to narrow their results even more quickly and focus on more pertinent search queries. Answer The Public saves time and effort by helping its users focus on only what is relevant search queries.

Users can set up search listening and email alerts in their industry to remain aware of emerging searches, making Answer The Public an ideal resource for digital marketers and SEOs who need to monitor competitor analysis. When new search terms or questions emerge, Answer The Public will notify users so they can create content to address those needs before their competitors do.

Answer The Public offers users with various visualization options that allow them to quickly understand the results of their searches. This feature is particularly helpful if you need to present or utilize data creatively such as infographics or visual representation.

Answer The Public is a fantastic tool for digital marketers looking for inspiration when creating new content. It allows them to identify consumer problems and solutions, leading them to create more valuable pieces that boost visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

How To Use

Answer the Public is an easy-to-use tool. Just enter a keyword or phrase, and Answer the Public will generate a list of questions related to that topic being searched in Google search. This can help identify search intent behind specific phrases or keywords, and lead to content that better fulfills those intents.  This may lead to increased engagement and better rankings on search results pages.

Answer the Public can be used to uncover questions and trends in your industry, which can help inform blog posts or videos you create for publishing or video production. Furthermore, its filter searches by location feature is helpful when targeting specific markets.

Answer the Public is a game-changing tool that unlocks the power of search engine data. By analyzing and visualizing the most common questions and queries related to a specific keyword, it empowers content creators, marketers, SEO specialists, and market researchers to align their efforts with the interests and needs of their target audience. With its user-friendly interface and valuable insights, Answer the Public is a go to resource for anyone seeking to create compelling content, drive organic traffic, and stay ahead of the curve in the digital landscape.

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