Compressed 7z files require external software programs in order to extract their content, so they’re not completely transparent.

Instead of creating a 7z file from scratch, convert an existing one into a ZIP file for all its benefits in an easier to share and email format. It will provide all the same advantages.

What Is 7zip?

7zip is a file compression utility that enables users to create archives of files and folders, saving space on storage devices while making large files easier to transport. 7zip also serves as a great security measure as it can encrypt them.  Anyone seeking access will require a password before being granted entry to an archive.

This program uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to safeguard archived data. AES employs a bit key generated by the user that enciphers information into an unreadable form called “ciphertext”, making sure sensitive documents remain protected and private. Furthermore, there is an option available to encrypt file names to protect sensitive documents further.

7zip’s versatility shines when extracting archive formats such as TAR, RAR, gzip, bzip2, XZ and WIM files. Furthermore it can unpack ISO images as well as ISO, CramFS DMG FAT HFS and NTFS disk images for unpacking purposes.

The program can be utilized on most operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well as mobile devices like Android phones Iphone. There are various apps that make using 7zip easier on these devices, such as the popular app iZip which features an intuitive user interface for quickly opening 7z files. As an alternative, you may use their built-in archive tools on these devices to do the job as well.

How Does It Work

7-Zip is a free and open source file archiver which uses compression algorithms to compress groups of files into containers known as archives. It features its own archive format called 7z, but also supports reading and writing of several others. Compression occurs by searching files for similarities using filters such as preprocessors, compression algorithms and encryption filters, thus saving time in data compression processes.

Utilizing 7-Zip is easy: simply select your files and folders to be archived, right click, hover over the 7-Zip option that appears, enter settings for destination and name for archive, as well as password protection of archives if desired.

Windows allows users to extract the contents of a 7z file by opening its archive in a separate window and highlighting all files (by default all are extracted), then simply dragging and dropping those highlighted files into another location to restore their original sizes. Beware, though: Extracting from an archive such as 7z, RAR or Zip may overwrite any similar-named files already present in their destination folder.

One alternative way of opening and extracting 7z files is using ezyZip, an online file extraction utility which runs locally as a browser app instead of uploading them to servers, making it quicker and safer to use than other online archive extraction tools. 

Open A 7z File?

A 7z file is a compressed archive of files. A compressed archive such as this resembles folders on your computer, except it stores files instead of folders and can be opened on any operating system supporting 7-Zip software.

Once you have a 7z file on your computer, extracting it is simple by double-clicking and selecting “Extract Files”. This will create a folder containing all of the contents from within it, although your original files remain where they were initially located.

To open 7z files, the best tool to use is 7-Zip software on both Windows and Mac computers. However, online tools are also capable of extracting 7z archives for you such as ezyZip which is an extractor which works through browsers without restrictions on file size.

123apps Archive Extractor offers another great option for opening 7z files.  Similar to ezyZip but running locally within your browser instead of online, meaning much faster extraction times as none of your file data leaves your computer and no privacy will be lost due to data leaving.

Extract A 7z File?

Like ZIP files, 7z archives can be opened using various software tools on both Windows and macOS; depending on your OS version these may come equipped with built-in support for decompressing archive formats, or you may need to download separate decompression libraries separately.

Linux file managers such as File Roller or Archive Manager may support 7z files natively.  Otherwise you can download P7zip directly from its official website and use the program or command line interfaces to open 7z archives and extract their contents.

Sometimes you may come across a 7z file that’s too large to download through the web, but there are numerous online tools for compressing it into smaller fragments to reduce its size and download via web.

Since all online tools offer equivalent compression ratios, it’s crucial that you choose an online tool with high enough ratio to make it worth your while. A great free option like ezyZip has a high compression ratio and works quickly. Just remember to select where the archived folder will go, as it can only save it to one location at once.

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